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Things To Do In Bali 2

2nd Things to do in Bali are Visiting

1. Mount Batur

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One more things to do in Bali As with Mount Agung which is located in Karangasem, potential and beauty of Mount Batur is not less interesting. In fact, exoticism and beauty of Mount Batur make this mountain is one of the main attractions in Bangli regency. Mount Batur is very beautiful when seen in the morning because in addition to the air is still cool, travelers will also be demonstrated by the decrease haze that covered most of the top of Mount Batur.

Story of Mount Batur

Every natural attractions (without interference from human hands) is almost certainly always attached to the it's history. Interesting to find out because it always contains a mystical mystery. Sometimes also peppered with tales of absurd if logically illogical and use science. But precisely therein lies its appeal.

Once, Mount Batur which is contained in the story Papyrus Susana Bali, mentioned is the peak of Mount Mahameru displaced by Batara Pasupati to be place of Goddess Danuh (Palace of the Goddess Danu). And so, by the majority of the local community of Mount Batur is considered to have magical powers with a strong magical element. Thus, at any given time all the Hindus who came from various regions in Bali came to Mount Batur is to deliver to Suwinih (sort of ritual offerings) to avoid the pest catastrophe that struck their fields.

Favorite Location

At each attraction must always be a favorite area visitors are often explored to increase tourist traffic visiting. Well, at Mount Batur itself has several areas that enjoy the mountain crater, caldera, and lakes that we know as Lake Batur. What is interesting is no water flow in soil that drains water to the various areas of Lake Batur in Bali so it appears to be spring and called the Holy Tirta.

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Mount Batur own location adjacent to Lake Batur which can be taken approximately 1 hour drive from the capital Denpasar. If you come in the morning, then certainly the visitors but can see and feel the atmosphere of Mount Batur is very natural and cool, also can explore the whole area is a favorite for tourists, including the Lake Batur is located at the foot of the mountain.

2. Batur Temple

Batur Temple - good for Bali things to do

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Batur temple higher referred to as Pura Ulun Celtic deity is found at Associate in Nursing altitude of 900 meter higher than water level exactly within the village of Kintamani District Kalanganyar East of route Denpasar-Singaraja.

This temple is facing west with a backcloth of Mount Batur and Lake Batur black volcanic rock that stretched away within the foothills of Mount Batur, enhances the natural beauty round the temple.

Prior to the present location, Batur temple is found on the slopes of Mount Batur Southwest. as a result of the ruinous eruption in 1917 that destroyed everything, as well as this temple except a supreme shrines. Finally because of the initiative of the top of the village with village leaders, they carry shrines still intact and reconstruction Batur temple to position higher at the present location. The ceremony during this temple is well known each year is termed Ngusaba Kedasa.


Before the ruinous eruption of Mount Batur in 1917, Batur temple was originally situated at the foot of the mountain close to the Southwest fringe of Lake Batur that broken sixty five,000 homes, 2,500 temples and quite m lives. however the magic stopped at the foot of the Temple. individuals see all this as a decent sign and continued  to remain there. In 1926 a replacement eruption lined the complete temple except the best "Pelinggih" or temple, worship place of God within the embodiment of the divinity Celtic deity, divinity of the lake water. Then the villagers insisted to place in situ higher tusag and start to build their temple. They brought shrines still intact and reconstruction Batur temple.

Some sacred manuscripts recount the origins of the traditional language Batur temple, that is an element of the "sad heaven" six teams of temples in island square measure recorded in Literature Widhi palm, papyrus and Babad Pasek Purana Raja Kayu Selem. Batur temple is additionally declared as "Kayangan Jagat" which followed by the final public.

History of Batur temple is Associate in Nursing providing to the divinity of Fertility, divinity Celtic deity. She is that the divinity of the lake water. Mineral-rich water flows from Lake Batur, flowing from one rice field to the opposite rice terraces, step by step all the way down to earth. In Business ejection island, one amongst the sacred literature that was placed within the temple, there's Associate in Nursing ancient legend that describes the composition of the throne of the divinity Celtic deity.

The legend of Batur temple is told as follows:

On one night at the start of the fifth month Margasari Pasupati Gods (Shiva) move atop Mount Mahameru in Republic of India and divide it into 2 components. She took a bit along with his along with. Therefore the different with his hand. each components were delivered to the throne. components of that were taken by his hand into Mount Agung throne to his son, Lord Putranjaya (Mahadeva Shiva) and together with his manus he carried into Mount Batur throne of Dewi Celtic deity, divinity of Water Lake. The legend makes the largest mountain in island and 2 symbolic components"men and women" (Purasa and Pradana) or 2 manifestations of the origin of the source God (Ida American ginseng Hyang Widhi Wasa).

Identification and Attractiveness

Name sights Batur region tailored to the prevailing potential of Mount Batur and Lake Batur. The name comes from the name Batur temple Mount Batur is one temple unhappy Goda in Emong by the Batur villagers, Thanks to harm caused by the eruption of Mount Batur, the Batur temple with villagers affected in situ currently. Remnants of frozen volcanic rock black, erect lofty Mount Batur, Lake Batur shaded blue, is Associate in Nursing attraction for each traveller. Penelokan will see the blue of Lake Batur and therefore the surf bubbles that accompany the driving force force over once the boat general serving tourists and passengers in each crossing from village to village Kedisan Trunyan. The fishermen conjointly coloring activities within the Lake Batur that fish genus fish catch oversubscribed within the town of Bangli, thus in Bangli referred to as satay Mujairnya ( native Fish name ) that is typical food Bangli regency.

Location of BATUR TEMPLE

Tourism object is found within the village of Batur, Kintamani District Bangli regency. Sights Batur space at Associate in Nursing altitude of 900 m higher than water level with the air temperature is high at midday, the air cool and cold at midnight. to achieve this location from Bangli Capital twenty three miles away. These attractions may be traversed by vehicles, as a result of this location connects the city of Bangli and Singaraja town. whereas these objects, connecting objects with Object Region business enterprise Travel Tampaksiring Batur and Besakih.

Facilities in BATUR TEMPLE

In the Batur space attractions already out there parking, restaurant, open air, lodging, restrooms, kiosks, stalls and refreshments and snacks. concerning conveyance facilities and ferry transport is on the market.


Regions Batur traveller attraction visited by tourists and therefore the solid ground. the foremost distinguished visit around August, September, whereas hospitable the year and a replacement Year mood. Similarly, within the days of Galungan, Eid and yuletide Day, even frequented by guests each from the central and state guests from abroad.

Description of BATUR TEMPLE

Sources mention regarding Papyrus Kesmu Batur is god. Papyrus of Usana island and king of Purana Batur. Batur temple mentioned that has existed since the time of the faculty member Kuturan the X century till the start of the XI century. Region extent and variety of shrines-pelinggih ( temple ) it's calculable that the Batur temple Penyiwi kings World Health Organization dominated in island, furthermore as a Goda Jagat. 

At Batur temple is that the divinity Celtic deity placed mentioned in Papyrus Usana island that interprets as follows: it's the story, occurred in Marga saree (month to V) once avatar Forced (Tilem) told  Betara Pasupati in Republic of India square measure transferring the summit of Mount Maha Meru divided into 2, command with the manus and right then delivered to island used as sthana Son he's Betara Putrajaya (Hyang nice God) and therefore the mountain peaks that brought his manus into Mount Batur as sthana Danuh divinity, each as head that island island. 

This mountain may be a image of the second component of Purusa and American ginseng Hyang Pradana Widhi. Batur temple may be a place of worship of Hindus in island Central island particularly, the North East and begged safety in paddy fields. in order that once revere guardian World Health Organization falls in Purnamaning ( full month ) to 10 (kedasa) of all the individuals, particularly on all the Subak's leader, Sedahan-Sedahan ( ministry ) come back to Batur temple deliver to "Suwinih". Similarly, if a disaster happens pests.

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