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Things To Do In Bali 3

3rd Things To Do In Bali  are Visiting 

1. Bangli King's Garden 

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Location of Bangli King's Garden

Talking about this third things to do in Bali, Bangli King’s garden is located in the village of Bangli King’s garden, Bangli a distance of about 5 kilo meters from the center of government of Bangli. This attraction is an alternative attraction Kehen spiritual temple which is located in the heart of Bangli. Although until now the existence of this Bali King’s garden seem abandoned, but the attractions that have historical value and beauty is worth a visit.

At this location the visitor can witness the natural beauty of rural expanse of rice fields. In addition to the on-site visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the pool is on site which are believed to be relics of the reigning monarch at the time. Looking at the position of the building clearly appears that the region associated with the presence of the castle that may serve as the location of the king.

Facilities in Bangli King's Garden

Pool contained in Bali King’s garden have in common with the existing pool at Tirta Gangga Karangasem. In the eastern part of the pool stands a building that resembles a blank bale. This condition causes Bali King’s garden looked elegant when seen from a distance.

Unfortunately, despite having beauty and historical remarks are priceless, the presence of the Bali King’s garden still get a touch of the parties concerned. Despite efforts made Bangli regency arrangement, but the arrangement is not as extensive as other attractions that exist in Bangli regency.

1. Batur Hot Spring 

Batur Hot Spring - good for Bali things to do

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Batur natural hot spring is located in a mountainous area Toyabungkah, Batur villageBangli Regency. This tourist attraction is about 80 kilometers from Denpasar city.
In the holiday season, this hot spring is always crowded with tourists both domestic and foreign tourists. In this place the tourists can bath in a natural hot springs pool, which is sourced from Mount Batur.

What will you get here ?

In this place, tourists can feel the sensation of a shower of hot water with a temperature 38-39 degrees Celsius. In addition to refreshing the body and mind, a hot shower at this place is also believed efficacious for the treatment of any diseases, especially for skin diseases.

Where is it comes from ?

The hot water in this place comes from Mount Batur, which is about 7 feet below the ground. Usually, visitors who come to hike out here is for a hot water shower. But, for the local people here is used to treatment and clean up the body from negative energy as said by Nyoman Boarding, Operations Director of Batur Natural Hot Spring.

Batur natural hot spring on mountain Batur is a community-run tourist attraction Pekraman Batur village of Bangli regency. To get into these place, domestic tourists charged entrance fee of USD $6 while foreign tourists charged entrance fee of USD $12. Both of the above additional charge will be used by the government to keep & build additional the facilities.

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