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Things To Do In Bali 11

11th Things To Do In Bali 

is Visiting Dreamland Beach Bali

things to do in Bali 11

Location of Dreamland Beach in Bali

Dreamland Beach Bali is a tourist spot located in the south of Bali in an area named Pecatu. Dreamland beach surrounded by high cliffs towering the beach and surrounded by a pretty large of rocks around the beach. This beach location is in Bali Pecatu Graha complex is about 30 minutes from Kuta beach.

Advantage of Bali Dream land Beach

Dreamland beach itself is almost similar to the Kuta beach. White sand and a steep gully eye sight is so appealing to the eye. Location of white sandy beach just below the narrow steep rock walls perfect for enjoying the sunset or simply watch the surfers attractions. The Dreamland's waves is high and high demanded by the water sports surfing lovers, even Dreamland surf spot has become a sort of new to the area of Bali.

Things to do in Bali 11a

Story of the Dreamland Beach

Because the origin of the name Dreamland was used in this area there is a housing project and tourist attractive object destination. But the project is cancelled and neglected while the villagers of Pecatu who lived as farmers really wish the project is completed and they could pursue other business in the field of tourism. Because of that the land around the beach now being called Dreamland Beach.

Dreamland Bali is a Beach with beautiful courtyard was originally just a small dot of area 900 acres owned by PT Bali Pecatu Graha was a scene in the year 1996. An area that was bought to be transformed into a resort super luxury called "Pecatu Indah Resort".

things to do in Bali 11b

It is said that it will be combined with the resort tourist area, while utilizing the natural beauty and authenticity, as well as environmental protection. The resort owner, Tommy Suharto, son of former President Suharto, wanted to create a tourist neighborhoods and most unique in the whole of Southeast Asia tourist destination. But as the Indonesian monetary crisis and the crisis swept away the credibility of leadership and finally, this mega project began to be fade after all. So what do you thing about this 11th things to do in Bali ?

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