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Things To Do In Bali 10

10th Things To Do In Bali 

is Visiting Celuk Village

Things to do in Bali 10A

Things in Celuk Village

Celuk village Sukawati, the first thing that we can imagine is a lot of gold silver handicrafts, why ? The answer is simple because of this Celuk Village Sukawati is source of Gold silver handcrafts in Bali and also famous as a tourist village. Celuk Village, Gianyar, Bali can be visited every day to see the artists which is the villagers itself who are creative to make gold and silver jewelry with high quality result. Here, we also able to buy any jewels directly that shown or displayed in the window directly in the workshop of the artist. 

 Things to do in Bali 10b

Lication of Celuk Village

Attractions located in Celuk Sukawati, Gianyar regency, Bali. It is strategically located in the path of tourism Batubulan - Sukawati - Ubud - Kintamani, located in the network such as village artisans Batubulan, rock and Mas. Be achieved with a distance of 15 km Northeast of Denpasar. If you rent a car or tour towards majoring in Ubud or Kintamani, it is very easy to visit this Celuk village, because you will pass it anyway.

things to do in Bali 10c 

Skill and Product of Celuk Villagers

 Almost all the population is Celuk gold and silver craftsmen, skilled in the arts and develop creative designs and variations associated with gold and silver craft in which its products have entered all types of market such as local market in Bali, national Market in Indonesia and even international market eg. Australia, Asia, America and Europa. Various types of jewelry creations and variations can be found here, either as Bali Holidays souvenirs or export commodities produced in this village such as many kind of rings, bracelets at any sizes, necklaces with a lot of motif & design, earrings, Bros and various other types of jewelry. Are you a shopping lovers ? Just hurry up to visit Celuk Village in Sukawati, Gianyar regency, Bali - Indonesia.

Things to do In Bali 10d 
Gold and silver handicrafts produced in the village of Celuk Village which have high-grade of quality and are able to produce in large quantities. Almost all of the family and the villagers of Celuk are skilled in developing creative and artistic designs and variations. Because of this attraction is famous for its silver crafts, therefore they are visited by many domestic and foreign tourists daily. Still doubt to add this to your things to do in bali list ?

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