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Things To Do in Bali 21

21st Things To Do In Bali


 Things to do in Bali 21
Exploring the Ocean
Have you ever ridden a motorcycle under the water?

Now it is really possible. Aqua Star Indonesia offers you an amazing opportunity to experience the underwater world of the Indian Ocean. They are the first and only in Bali offer guests a tour - a journey underwater motorcycles tandem Aqua Star.  If you are planning your holidays in Bali and looking for Things to do In Bali, do not miss this unique chance to take a walk on our underwater scooters tandem Aqua Star. This 21st Things to do in Bali trip is suitable for the whole family.

Message from the Company:

   The youngest of our guests was 7 years old and the oldest is 90!! We are proud that were able to provide an opportunity for this man to fulfill his dream at that age. All his life he wanted to dive into the ocean and watch the underwater inhabitants. And we did it....

  If you dreamed all life explore undersea world, but for some reasons could not, this trip is for you. Or if you can not swim, do not worry, you only need to seat oneself a motorbike, feel relax and enjoy the underwater world, watch and feed all the inhabitants of the ocean.

You do not need special training, or special equipment. Our bikes are very easy to control. In motorcycles, you can breathe both on land because a motorcycle helmet is constantly supplied with air. Talk with your friend, because each motorcycle sits 2 persons. In the observation window you can look at the tropical fish. Motorcycles moving under the water in different directions, with speed of 7 km at a depth of 3-6 meters

Things to do in Bali 21 - Underwater Scooter
Talk With The Fish
Dive with the pontoon, near coral reefs where dwells has many tropical inhabitants in Tanjung Benoa. One of these places is called Batu Besar. If you translate Indonesian language it means Large Stone. At the bottom of the ocean is a huge coral in the form of a round stone. And just in this place, within the coral is located small underwater sculpture museum. All this makes the walk on motorcycles in this place even more interesting.

Our company employs professional divers, who will follow your safety in the water. Our office is located near the sea in the area of ​​Tanjung Benoa, which concentrated all the companies that offer visitors of the island Bali all kinds fun activity in the water.

Within one business day, we can cater for up to 30-40 people.
 For maximum safety of our guests we do dive only two bikes at the same time. Each bike is for 2 people. 

 Briefing, signing international insurance it takes 5 minutes, after you can go on an unforgettable trip under the water of Indian Ocean. 

Things to do in Bali 21c
Professional Under Water Scooter Guide
Our company PT. Aqua Star Indonesia has been working for over a year and trip underwater scooters made ​​many people from different countries. On the underwater scooter traveled people with different ages, young children and adults from different countries with Australia, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, America, China, India and Korea. Among them were professional diver and people who had no experience of immersion. And all these people were very pleased. We have only positive feedback from our guests ( you may seen us at Tripadvisor for the guest reviews )

  Our company offers all kinds of entertainment under the water : snorkeling, parasailing,  jet ski, fly fish,  banana boat,  turtle island trip and other water sport activity.  All our tours include:
ü  Return  Hotel  Pick Up
ü  Mineral water
ü  Shower room, Towel & Locker
ü  equipment with instruction

ü  Insurance Coverage 

Visit our website and choose for yourself fun on the water. Always works for you for 24 hours phone support call +62 81237596410 or e-mail

Your holiday in Bali will not be complete without a trip under the water motorcycles by Aqua Star. Get an unforgettable experience of exploring the underwater world of the Indian Ocean. Our company's mission is to give all people the opportunity to make a smaller distance between themselves and the ocean. We are always glad to see you in our company.

Alternative activities

Another underwater activities you can do is Snorkeling and the best spot is at Nusa Penida island. Why? this island offer very wide variety of underwater life, from Manta rays, the one and only "SUN FISH" in the world life on this island sea.

How to get to this island?

It's so easy, visit and choose the Nusa Penida Tour & Snorkeling Package.

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