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Things To Do in Bali 16

16th Things To Do In Bali

 is Visiting Bali Butterfly Park  

Bali Butterflies park and garden for your things to do in Bali

Bali Butterfly Park or Butterflies Garden Bali, if you are a bird lover can come to Bali Bird Park, but if you love butterflies come to bali butterfly garden and get unforgettable Bali Holidays,.

Location of Butterfly Park in Bali

Butterfly garden is located in jl.batukaru br.sandan bee wanasari tabanan exactly 6 km.ke the north of the city center park is open every day from 8 AM till 5 PM and the last ticket at 4 PM.

1 ha site area with a closed room 3700 m3 nets to release butterflies minimum 3,500 individuals per month and consists of various types of butterflies from all over Indonesia.

Many Handycrafts made from death body of Butterflies

The death body of the butterflies also made as a souvenir for the visitor, you can buy a lot of kinds of handy craft that made from these beautiful butterflies. 

Butterfly became one of the few types of insects that are harmless to humans. Butterfly garden also produces various handicrafts made of a variety of insects such as butterfly framing, framing beetle beetle contents, key chain made from insect inserts, bookmarks, paper weight, paperweight made of translucent fiber containing butterflies, paintings of butterfly wings, and many others.

Bali Butterflies park and garden for your things to do in Bali3

Butterfly Knowledge

According to wikipedia butterflies and moths butterfly is an insect belonging to the order lepidoptera or winged insect scales lepis pteron scales and wings.

Simply put butterfly is distinguished from moths or butterflies that night based on the current time and physical attributes. Butterflies are generally active during the day, while moths are mostly active at night time.

Butterfly resting or enforce perch with their wings, while moths perch with its wings spread. The butterflies normally having beautiful bright colors tend to be dark moths dull or gray. However these differences there is always exceptions. So it can not be scientifically sure grip.

Van Mastrigt and Rosariyanto in 2005 said that butterflies and moths so many kinds. On the island of Java and Bali islands, there were more than 600 species. Butterfly moth species have so far not been made full list, but supposedly there are hundreds of types of Whitten and friends - comrades in 1999.

Every day hundreds of detachable tail butterflies of various colors, one of which is the world's most famous bird wing butterfly heaven, "Omithoptera Paradisea o Priamus" and various kinds of the whole archipelago.

Bali Butterflies park and garden for your things to do in Bali2

Development plan for Bali Butterfly park

Butterflies Park Bali planned development since October 1993 after the implementation of Butterfly Conference Se-World (International Butterfly Confrence) held on 24 to 27 August 1993 in Ujung Pandang. With the idea that biological resources in the form of a butterfly very abundant pity if the Indonesian people do not recognize and preserve it.

May be for us where butterflies are appear is a usual thing and common because we can still see around butterflies that fly in the wild compared to the foreign to the most other environment. 

Butterflies garden in Bali is the only one in this archipelago, trying to breed for purposes of scientific knowledge as well as the study of education in the future.

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