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Things To Do In Bali 15

15th Things To Do In Bali

 is Visiting Bali Bird Park 

Bali Bird Park 15 Things to do in Bali

Bali Bird park is one of the many worth attractions have to be visited in Gianyar, Bali. Starting from the classic heritage of the past to the modern imagination of current's results.
Even so, if you're on the road to Bali and wanna have a memorable Bali Holidays, do not forget to visit the Bird Park called "Bali Bird Park" in Batubulan, about 15 minutes drive from Denpasar - to the east of Bali. Bali Bird Park is really giving a new feel, so that its presence adds to the repertoire of special tours in Gianyar Regency - Bali.

Bali Bird Park for things to do in Bali

Bird collection in this Bird Park in Bali

Bird Park in Bali only one is inhabited by more than 1000 birds of 250 species. The birds are there placed in a cage and some are released in the park.

Lined cages placed, arranged in such a way adapted to their habitat, to roam the occupants feel at home in it. These birds are rare and many imported from abroad, such as from Hawaii, Germany, and others. Even, the locally birds also bred here, including the mascot of Bali, Bali Starling called Jalak Bali, known by the nickname of The Minah.

Bali Bird Park for things to do in Bali2

Placement of the cages in Bali Bird Park

How to placement of the cages are set separately and grouped according to each type. That is to make it easier to know where it came from. In addition there is another bird park is designed like a rain forest (rain forest) are quite dense. In Bali Bird Park the humidity was pervasive, because trees and dense rain streamed down the roof of the cage. Strong sense of rain-forest is compounded by the chirping of birds that fly various types hanging around.

Bali Bird Park for things to do in Bali3

Birds Park Bali Total Area

An area of ​​2 hectares is entirely integrated landscaping laid out with beautiful touches of tasteful art. Until his presence as we chat invites. Although Bird Park is only 2 hectares, but if we trace the path snaking, no warning we will cover a distance of approximately 1 km. Even so we will not feel tired, let alone bored. Because the landscape is able to create a harmonious environment is really cool.

Additional in Bali Bird Park

In Bali Bird park there are also a number of lakes. In addition to the collection of fish and aquatic plants, also decorated water birds, black swans, Flaminggo, pelicans, and others. In the middle of the lake there is a giant lily Victoria regia who accidentally imported from Florida USA.

Bali Bird Park for things to do in Bali4

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