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Things To Do in Bali 17

17th Things To Do In Bali

 is Visiting Galuh Batik Bali 


Batik Galuh Bali is my 17th things to do in BaliOne of the typical tourist attractions of Bali, which certainly will make you able to add to your collection of batik during a holiday in Bali.

Another one by the typical tourist in Bali that you should visit during in Bali Holidays is Batik 
17th Things To Do In Bali is Visiting Galuh Batik Bali
Batik Galuh
Galuh. Located in  Tegehe village, Batubulan area, Sukawati district, regency of Gianyar. Batik Galuh venture has been established since 1976 by Mr. Krishna Pande Ketut assisted by his brothers. This is done by Batik weaving loom, not a machine, at the beginning of the Loom of five pieces. But along with the Batik production , the tools now has grown into thirty two pieces more.

Product of Batik Galuh Bali

17th Things To Do In Bali 1Every day, Batik craft Galuh place is always crowded visited by local and foreign tourists. This is because the kind of Batik which provided very diverse. Ranging from Batik shirts men, women Batik shirt, sandals and a variety of bags batik, souvenirs and handicrafts made from wood and patterned Batik sculpture Galuh.

For you lovers of batik, would be satisfied to choose the collection that is provided here with a friendly and professional service. Has a large parking area and will not interfere with highway traffic if Batik Galuh visited by tourists.

Do not be doubt to visit Batik Galuh in Bali

17th Things To Do In Bali 2 Want to hunt Batik in Bali? Not to be confused or worried. Please come directly to the most appropriate places to hunt in the beautiful of Batik Galuh. Galuh Batik is a typical Balinese Batik weaving. Ranging from Batik clothing women, men, bags, sandals, even with Batik accessories available here.

Excess woven Batik made in this place is because Batik is not created by using machines. Batik is made here, directly woven by craftsmen who have been equipped with special skills. This is exactly what the making of Batik here is unique and beautiful. With a friendly and professional services, sellers Batik Galuh gladly serve every visitor who comes.

17th Things To Do In Bali 3

Interested in hunting this Balinese Batik weaving? If so, just come to Banjar Tegehe, Batubulan, District of Sukawati, Gianyar regency, Bali. Get ready to hunt and pretty batiks there. Happy shopping.

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