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Things To Do In Bali 13

13th Things To Do In Bali

 is Visiting Goa Lawah or Bats Cave

Goa Lawah ( bats cave ) is things to do in bali 13a 
Pura = Temple, Goa = Cave
Pura Goa Lawah or Bats Cave Temple in the Village Pesinggahan, Dawan sub district, Klungkung regency is the center of Pura Segara in Bali to worship God as the God of the Sea.

Complete Story of Goa Lawah ( Bats Cave ) in Klungkung

In Papyrus Prekempa Mount Agung told Lord Shiva sent Sang Hyang Tri Murti to save this earth. Lord Brahma transformed into a Dragon called Ananta Bhoga. Lord Vishnu incarnated as a Dragon called Basuki. Lord Iswara become a Dragon called Taksaka. Basuki dragon incarnation of Lord Vishnu's head to the sea in order to move the ocean evaporates into clouds. Tail to tail scales the mountain and into the dense trees in the forest. 

Dragon Basuki head is symbolized by Pura Goa Lawah or Bats Cave Temple and tail as the towering Mount Agung. The tail center at Pura Goa Raja, one of the temples in the complex Pura Besakih. Because it was anciently cave at Pura Goa Raja is said to penetrate up to Pura Goa Lawah or Bats Cave Temple . Because there was an earthquake in 1917, the cave was being closed.

Goa lawah ( Bats Cave ) function for Hindus in Bali

Pura Goa Lawah or Bats Cave Temple existence is stated in several manuscripts such as Papyrus Usana Bali and also Babad Pasek. In the Papyrus declared Pura Goa Lawah or Bats Cave Temple was built at the initiative of MPU Kuturan XI century AD and restored back to extend the XV century AD. In Papyrus Usana Bali stated that MPU Kuturan has a work called'' Babading Dharma Wawu Anyeneng 'to the effect on the establishment of a temple in Bali including the Pura Goa Lawah or Bats Cave Temple and also includes Saka year 929 or the year 107 AD. 

Hindus in Bali generally perform as the closing ceremony called Nyegara Gunung, Atma Wedana also well known as Nyekah, Memukur or Maligia ceremony.
This ceremony serves as a declaration that the atman ritually consecrated family Dewa Pitara it has achieved. Nyegara Gunung ceremony was generally done in Pura Goa Lawah and Pura Besakih one of them is in Pura Goa Raja.

Goa Lawah ( bats cave ) is things to do in Bali 13b 
Pura Besakih or Besakih Temple on the slopes of Mount Agung and Temple Goa Lawah waterfront yoni phallus is a symbol of the natural form. The yoni phallus is a symbol for the worship of God that brings one element Omnipotence purusa with predana. Purusa as element convergence of spirit with predana as meterial lead to the creation of the elements. Is that Mount Agung as a symbol of purusa and Goa Lawah as a symbol pradana. This is to describe the natural process in which seawater evaporates into clouds and overcast to rain. Rain accommodated by mountains with dense forests. That's the natural process described by two of that nature. Natural process that happens over the law of God. Therefore, in the seaside village of Pura Goa Lawah or Bats Cave Temple Pesinggahan founded and established on Mount Agung Besakih complex with 18 primary. God that was worshiped in the temple in order to request that the natural processes continue to run as it should. Due to the passage of the process of this nature will remain fertile to give life to humanity.

Goa Lawah temple Ceremonial

Ceremony at Pura Goa Lawah is to worship the Lord Tengahing Segara and Sang Hyang Basuki done every Anggara Love Medangsia. In viscera temple, precisely at the mouth of the cave are shrines General Instruction as worship Sang Hyang Tunggal. There is Meru Three Overlapping as place of lord Andakasa. There is a gedong Pelinggih Limasari as place of Dewi ( goddess ) Sri and gedong Limascatu as Place of Lord Vishnu. Two shrines here used to worship God of Sang Hyang Basuki and Lord Tengahing Segara.
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