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Things To Do in Bali 19

19th Things To Do In Bali

 is Enjoying Sunset, Kecak and Fire Dance at ULUWATU TEMPLE

Sunset at ULUWATU TEMPLE for your things to do in Bali holidays

Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple is known as a beautiful peninsula at the western end of the valley, and standing on a rocky cliff. Best scenery that can be enjoyed on the headland through the shortcut path, from the left temple to the top of the cliff.

When the Uluwatu temple is built ?

This temple was built in the 10th century and as one of the main sea temples in Bali. It is said that Nirartha Java (legend in the 16th century) helped set up the temple.

Entering the Uluwatu Temple

Sunset at ULUWATU TEMPLE for your things to do in Bali holidays 2
Sunset View at ULUWATU TEMPLE ( right side )
With the entrance to the temple of Uluwatu, through a long path, you will be presented scenery rocky cliffs, the sea and also a bunch of monkeys, as is believed, is the temple guards. Hold tightly to your purse, sunglasses or camera, keep it away from the hands of the hands of mischievous monkeys group.

When you walk out of the page you will see the temple briefly flanked by wing-shaped carving. This gate is one of the archaeological heritage of the 16th century. At the entrance to the central courtyard also note, curved archway guarded by a statue of Ganesha. In order to respect the temple, visitors are not allowed to enter the inner courtyard.

What are the attractions there in Uluwatu Temple ?

Sunset at ULUWATU TEMPLE for your things to do in Bali holidays 3
Kecak  and Fire Dance Performance
Another attraction of this temple is the Kecak and Fire dance also amazing sunset at Uluwatu. Expected to book in advance to get a seat, if possible 3 days before. You can also buy tickets directly at the site around USD 8/person. Live shows are usually held at 18:00 to 19:00.

Pura Uluwatu Bali is a tourist attraction located at the end of the rock, precisely on the south coast of Bali. Uluwatu temple in Bali is very sacred by Hindus. Uluwatu temple has some small temples, they are closely related to the main temple Uluwatu temple.

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