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Things To Do In Bali 4

4th Things To Do In Bali are Visiting 

1. Puncak Penulisan Temple 

Things to do in Bali 4

Location of Puncak Penulisan Temple

This 4th things to so in Bali is called Puncak Penulisan temple, located on the hill with a height of 1,745 meters above sea level  (ASL) Kintamani, Bangli regency. This temple is often referred to Pamojan temple Tegeh ata. The function is as a place for worship of Lord Shiva which is the manifestation of God Almighty. In it there are many relics Megalithic period until the entry of Hindu civilization to Bali.

Concept of Puncak Penulisan Temple

This temple has a high historical value and some of the uniqueness that makes it different from other temples that so many people who want to visit it. This form of temple building has two concepts that the first draft is taken from the pre-history of which can be seen clearly, especially of the structure of the multi-storey building. And the second is the development of the concept of the temple which reached 7 levels with the first and second levels connected by stairs.

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While in the 3rd level there is Taman Dana temple and Dana Temple, in the 4th level there are Ratu Panyarikan temple, 6th level there Ratu Daha tua temple, last in the peak-to-peak 7 is the temple there are shrines. Shrine of Pengaruman, Shrine of Piyasan and Shrine of gedong as a store of ancient object.

About making this temple is not clear, but based on some of the existing heritage estimated construction began in the year 300 AD (Bronze Age) and followed in the 10th century until the end of the rule of Majapahit in 1343 AD Most of the livelihoods of local people this temple is a farmer.

2. Bayung Gede Village

Bayung Gede village - good for Bali things to do

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Bayung Gede village is including ancient villages in Bali which until now still preservedThis village is the ancestral cultural heritageThe village is located at an altitude of about 900 meters above sea level so that the air is coolVillagers who are here mostly rely on naturein the sense of a farmer who manages farmland adapted to arid climate there.

Why it is called Bayung Gede Village ?

Bayung Gede village then developed into a new tourist village circa 2010 agoRegarding the origin of the name of Gede Buyungthere is no definitive source that could explain the reason for naming it as validHoweveraccording to an expert Thomas A Reuters said Gede Bayung an ancient village which became the parent of a number of other ancient villages in Bangli like PenglipuranSekardadiBonyoh and some villages

Unique Tradition in Bayung Gede Village

Bayung Gede village has a unique tradition that occurred in this villageResidents who had just married banned from entering the yard and is not considered a resident of the village before paying tumbakan Bayung Gede (a type of dowryis handed over to the village in the form of two cowsand undergo asceticism (fasting). Brides are also required to conduct the procession Penyekeban ( wrapping ) lived in a small hut at the end of the village.

Not only thatBayung Gede village also has a unique tradition in terms of burying the placenta (umbilical cord) newborns baby. The newborns who has umbilical cord is usually planted into the groundin the village was placed in coconut shells and hung in a tree at the grave / tomb specifically located behind the village and put the traditions of the placenta in the coconut shell has been done for 100 years ago.


Gede Bayung ancient village location is  in the Kintamani districtBangli RegencyBali Province, Indonesia.
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