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Things To Do In Bali 5

5th Things To Do In Bali 

  is visiting Kedaton Forest or Alas Kedaton 

Things To Do In Bali 5th

This 5th things to do in Bali, named Kedaton forest or Alas Kedaton is located in the Kukuh village about 4 miles from the town of Tabanan.  In the Kedaton forest there is a temple which has two very interesting uniqueness.

Location of Kedaton Forest 

Alas Kedaton located in the village of Marga Subdistrict Steady + 4 km from the town of Tabanan. Kukuh village is divided into 7 villages and 12 hamlets customs. Most of the villagers is like to cultivate the farm and the others time used to wrestle other sectors such as carpentry, servants or labourers.

Concept of Kedaton Temple

Things To Do In Bali 5th B

The temple of Kedaton having 4 entrances to access the temple is from the west side which is the main entrance of the North side, South East and from most of leading to the central courtyard. Unlike the other quasi in Bali if we comparing.

The Unique of Alas Kedaton 

Things To Do In Bali 5th C

The second uniqueness of the Kedaton temple is the internal yield of Kedaton, a part which is where most holy place is placed on lower level than the central courtyard and beyond. Alas kedaton or Kedaton forest shrine temple is surrounded by a forest inhabited by monkeys sacred by people around the Bali attractions. In Alas kedaton not only life in monkeys but also had a group of bats that live suspended.

Things To Do In Bali 5th D

Things To Do In Bali 4

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