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Things To Do In Bali 8

are Enjoying 

1. SeaWalker Bali


SEA WALKER Bali is a memorable experience when you are Walking beneath the water, twiddling with plenty of fish in vast species, Coral plantation, explore the ocean.

Personal Seawalker Bali Experience

I would love to share some of my experience: Once you got into the sea, automatically you feel like on the plane with a little unwell in each of your ears but there are trick or tips to unravel this by move your jaw left - right, you may close your nose by your hand or breathe as much as possible ( to be sure, no water will come into your head helmet ).

Directly i felt and imagine that I am a space traveler, why ? attributable to very little gravitation, restricted element and sometimes you need to jump if you want to move away to other places.

But overall, the foremost vital issue is you'll see, though and play with plenty of fish with vast species. Amazing things to do in Bali....!

Absolutely, memorable experience and you must to try this lovely activities to completed your Bali Holidays on this paradise island.

1. Pantunan Valley view

The beauty of Pantunan Valley - good for Bali things to do

Bali things to do 50

Bali was awarded its unparalleled natural beauty, after we explore the ocean under the Sea, now is the time to enjoy the indulgent view from above the Sea. Bali is not only a local or a tourist lure domestic tourists, but also luring foreign tourists so that they come again and again to Bali. For tourists, Bali is a haven of beauty reincarnation in the world. Or in other words, Bali is a paradise for nature panoramic world interesting and very beautiful.

About Pantunan Valley

One of the main attraction in Bali is Pantunan Valley area. This has advantages Pantunan valley rice fields are located right in the bottom of the small hill with the beauty that is difficult to cast into words and supposedly equally with beauty skinny-Tegallantang ( long rice field ) tour in Gianyar Bali. Because of its potential is what initially made ​​the local government plans to maximize the potential that significant amounts of revenue.

Is it Popular place in Bali ?

But unfortunately, until now it seems to just be a desperate hope that hangs in the sky as empty implementation. Pantunan valley was asked to stand and rely solely on its beauty without any serious attempt to provide facilities and or build it into a reliable attraction. As a result, many potential advantages it is only dormant what it is and of course also implies that the revenue from the tourism sector in the Valley Pantunan which is also what it is.


In terms of language, Pantunan it means "rice". So Pantunan Valley is a valley of rice tourist displays. Naturalness Pantunan Valley is apparently being extra allure for tourists so that they make the Valley Pantunan as favorites to visit. In addition to rice, in this valley location there are also several pieces of springs that have different functions. One is Sudamala springs that are commonly used by local communities for Pelukatan (self-cleaning).


Pantunan valley in the village of Bang Sidem, Tembuku District, Bangli regency, Bali.

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